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Agentschap van de Eurometropool
Doorniksestraat 63
8500 Kortrijk
Tel : +32 56 23 11 00
Fax : +32 56 23 11 01

Eurometropolis is supported and promoted by the following partners:

CCI Grand Lille is the Lille Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Fledgling companies and established corporations in the Lille region receive a wide range of services and guidance from business advisors and experts.

Tel +33 (0)3 20 63 77 77
CCI Grand Lille
Place du Théâtre
BP 359 59020 LILLE CEDEX

IDETA is the inter-communal development agency of Picardy Wallonia. In Eurometropolis IDETA develops and markets business parks, premises and offices especially for SMEs. Working with local councils, IDETA also supports wider regional development through initiatives to improve its attractiveness and living standards.

Directeur général
Tel +32 (0)69 23 47 01
Fax +32 (0)69 23 47 00

IEG is an inter-communal association established in 1986 by Mouscron, Comines-Warneton and Estaimpuis, three towns in the Hainaut province. As a dynamic economic agency IEG is an essential partner for any company wanting to invest in the region.

Deputy General Manager, head of Economic stimulation department
Tel : +32 56 85 24 14
Fax : +32 56 56 13 49

The Leiedal inter-communal association was started in 1960 by the municipalities of the Kortrijk region (West Flanders, Belgium). Over the past few decades Leiedal has developed a strong cooperative ethos, steering broad socioeconomic and regional development. Leiedal particularly focuses on business park development.

Tel +32 (0)56 24 16 16
Fax +32 (0)56 22 89 03

Lille’s Agency is a joint initiative of Lille City and the Lille Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The agency works to increase the attractiveness of Lille Métropole and assist entrepreneurs in strategic expansion, teaming them up with strong partners to deliver business growth.

10, rue des Poissonceaux
BP 40213
Tel: +33 (0)3 62 14 50 06

Lille Métropole is an inter-communal cooperation between 85 French communes with an overall population of 1.1 million. Lille Métropole is responsible for all policies and initiatives related to living, working and doing business in the Lille region. Lille Métropole launched the skills and innovation hubs Euralille (services sector), Eurasanté (biology, nutrition and healthcare), EuraTechnologies (ICT), Haute-Borne (science for innovation) and l’Union (innovative textiles with CETI and imaging with Plaine Images). This major initiative has transformed the region as an ideal location for innovative and ambitious companies.

International Economic

The West Flemish Provincial Development Agency [POM] is an independent agency with a mission to develop a sustainable and innovative economy in the province. POM coordinates businesses, the education sector, policy-makers and social partners in projects around three themes: offshore and sustainable energy, the food industry and new intelligent materials/design.

Stefaan MATTON
Managing Director of the West Flanders Development Agency
Tel: +32 (0)50 – 40 73 72
Fax: +32 (0)50 – 71 94 06

As a West Flemish inter-communal association, WVI supports town and country planning and socioeconomic development in 54 towns and communes. Initiatives include setting up (and where necessary modernising) business parks (especially carbon-neutral sites) and establishing hubs for technology and logistics innovation and research.

Tel +32 (0)50 36 71 71
Fax +32 (0)50 35 68 49