Easy access to three capitals

According to experts, the 21st century will be the century of cities. More than ever, businesses that want to succeed must deliberately locate within easy reach of large urban centres.

You cannot do better than Eurometropolis. Invest here and you get fast, easy links to three of Europe’s major cities: London, Paris and Brussels. Taking less than 90 minutes to travel, you are close enough to stay in touch with suppliers, customers and prospective markets. Yet here you are also far enough away to enjoy all the benefits of non-city living: a relaxed atmosphere, lower property prices and beautiful countryside.

As Eurometropolis sits across national borders, the entire region also has a strong logistics tradition. So you will always feel connected, thanks to our extensive network of motorways, railways, ports and airports.


80 million potential consumers

Change happens fast in our digitised and globalised world. So your business wants to be one step ahead of the competition. Fast-track prototyping is essential. Your idea is quickly converted into several concrete prototypes and immediately marketed. Following test results and customer feedback, a prototype is eventually modified into a definitive product.

Eurometropolis is an ideal region for rapid product development and testing. Not just because 80 million consumers live within 300 km of here, but because they have a unique profile. This region is a cultural crossroads: German, Anglo-Saxon and Latin cultures meet here, offering a unique perspective into consumer behaviour across different regions in Europe.


900,000 talented people

You already know that a company can only grow if it can find the right employees at the right time.
In Eurometropolis your talent search won’t take long – our cross-border region has almost one million potential employees. They are young, dynamic and quick to learn. And they have high levels of education, thanks to our excellent local colleges and universities.